Yu Yuexian died in a car accident and was accused of many doubts. Her husband Zhang Xuesong praised the song video with a large amount of lyrics information

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yu yuexian died car accident

8 month 26 Early morning , Previously, I liked beauty videos , Yu Yuexian's husband Zhang Xuesong, who has been questioned by netizens, went online on the short video platform , And liked two videos again , One of the videos is a collection of funny jokes about beautiful women , The other is a song video .

The first video Zhang Xuesong likes is a collection of funny jokes , The video lasted for several minutes , All the passages in the video are shot by beautiful women , The video publisher also wrote :“ Special laughter ”“ Did you laugh today ?”, The video release time is 8 month 22 Japan , Up to 286.2 ten thousand .

During this time, Zhang Xuesong suffered a lot of pressure from public opinion , But he never responded , Zhang Xuesong, who hasn't rested in the early morning, may have insomnia , Like the funny video of beautiful women , It may also be to relieve the pressure in recent days , however , In the second song video he likes , But it makes people very close and afraid .

The release time of Zhang Xuesong's favorite song video is 8 month 25 Japan , The video author casually took a video of construction site , And with a song 《 How to face the painful heart 》 Song , At first glance, Zhang Xuesong died because of Yu Yuexian , Immersed in grief , But the lyrics of this song , And many netizens speculated that Yu Yuexian died in a car accident , Connect , But it makes people shiver .

The lyrics say :“ I have already seen the hypocrisy of your love , Stop pretending to be indifferent , Love has been powerless, heart has been haggard , A broken heart can't face , Don't know the wrong and right of your love , I love you so much that it hurts my heart , The wounded heart is ruthlessly abandoned , Only emptiness is surrounded by loneliness ”.

Many words in the lyrics are very eye-catching , It's not to commemorate a departed or deceased lover , But complaining that your lover doesn't love him , Abandon him , I love the wrong person , It made him very sad .

Before , Zhang Xuesong was found at the farewell ceremony of Yuexian's body that day and praised a video of a local beauty in Jinchang , Many netizens began to question Zhang Xuesong's feelings for Yu Yuexian , There are a lot of things on the Internet “ Conspiracy theories ”, Even linked Zhang Xuesong and Lin Shengbin , There was also a framed photo of Zhang Xuesong and Lin Shengbin .

There are all kinds of comments on the Internet , Pointing directly at Yu Yuexian's car accident is not simple , Guess it has something to do with husband Zhang Xuesong and the admission rules of the brotherhood .

although , All kinds of statements on the Internet are not poor , But through photo comparison , Zhang Xuesong and Lin Shengbin are not the same man , Just because the picture is blurred , They just look alike .

The reason , There will be all kinds of negative speculation about Zhang Xuesong on the Internet , Like beauty video is one of them , The second is that there are 4 personal , Only Yu Yuexian died , The other three were all slightly injured , In addition, Yu Yuexian's net worth is 5 One hundred million yuan , And all kinds of wife killing and insurance fraud in recent years 、 The news of killing wife and seizing property , Created a lot about Zhang Xuesong “ Conspiracy theories ”.

in fact , After the video of praising beautiful women aroused doubts , Zhang Xuesong took many remedial measures , Cancelled likes , And set your favorite list to private , To express their attitude .

After the accident, the police rushed to the scene and did a scene investigation , Although there is no confirmation of exposure accident at present , But after Yu Yuexian's body was cremated , They have been buried in the Hui cemetery in their hometown , It shows that the traffic accident did not involve all kinds of network transmission “ Conspiracy theories ”.

As for why Zhang Xuesong likes so many speculative videos , Only he responded , To understand the specific situation .

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