How big is the profit of motorcycle? Great wall and Geely enter the game, Honda Suzuki ushers in a new opponent!

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big profit motorcycle great wall

a 500cc, Two cylinder Honda CBR500R, The guidance price has reached 69800 element , a 1498cc, Four cylinder Honda FIT, Pricing for 81800 element .

Cars need to buy a lot of parts , airbag 、 glass 、 Car engine system 、 Seats, etc , Just in terms of production costs , It's much higher than motorcycles , But in terms of pricing , Honda's motorcycle even has an overwhelming advantage , Crush your car .

indeed , There is a gap between imports and domestic products , But this still can't hide the motorcycle “ A windfall ” The objective facts of .

​ Let's use the popular domestic spring breeze power at present , 2020 The sales volume of spring breeze reached 8 More than ten thousand , Based on this not very large sales volume , The spring breeze is finished 3.5 A net profit of 100 million yuan and 45 Billion revenue , This data was further boosted in the first quarter of this year , Better performance .

Simple analysis , The spring breeze can guarantee 4000 A bicycle profit of yuan .

Selling a car guarantees 4000 A bicycle profit of yuan , Obviously, this is a huge profit space that all Chinese enterprises want to get , You know, in the passenger car market with serious involution , The profit of bicycle exceeds 2000 There are few enterprises .

​ Produce a motorcycle , It's much easier than building a car .

High profit , It is not difficult to transform motorcycles with existing technical reserves , This is the key reason why many existing automobile enterprises focus on the field of motorcycles . At present, there is a serious internal volume in the passenger car market , The market enters an unnecessary price war , Profits and development space are compressed to the extreme , For businesses , New growth points must be excavated .

2020 year , China's motorcycle production has reached 1700 ten thousand , Domestic sales also have 1000 All level , This market has a lot of room to be tapped .

​ at present 10 The motorcycle market within 10000 is an industry growth point , Small displacement recreational touring vehicles and large displacement four cylinder motorcycles have become important places for enterprises to compete .

Once the motorcycle price exceeds 3 ten thousand , You can easily reap profits and market , Especially for those who have a brand , For enterprises with accumulated market technology .

China's passenger car enterprises have sufficient technological precipitation , For companies that are used to producing more complex cars , Produce motorcycles with simpler structure , Quality control and product design , It's not difficult for them .

​ The transformation of motorcycles to automobiles , It's a very difficult process to stretch up , But if the manufacturer of cars makes motorcycles , It will be much simpler , This is the Great Wall 、 One of the important reasons why Geely began to layout the motorcycle market .

At present, there are many markets worth exploring , for example 5 10000 class motorcycle market , Restoring ancient ways 、 The market demand for street cars and imitation races is not small , What this market needs most is 500cc And a four cylinder vehicle with a displacement of more than , import 、 The lack of joint venture products is obvious , The independent camp is not enough , It means that in this market , If a strong enterprise enters the game , The whole market will boil .

​ Old motorcycle brand Honda 、 Suzuki and others cling to this market , Under the pressure of independent brands, it has been affected , If the strong Chinese automobile brand smashes the big stick here again , So for the traditional joint venture brand , Pressure is inevitable .

Maybe , In the future, we can see 4 Ten thousand 600cc Four cylinder retro motorcycle , Or say 5 ten thousand 800cc Four cylinder Street run , Or from Geely , Or from the Great Wall , For market consumers , Is a new consumption environment .

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