The new BMW X3 model of "playing the pig and eating the tiger" created by alpina was exposed

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new bmw x3 model playing

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In recent days, , Overseas media exposed a group of Alpina(Alpina Is an automobile production company located in Bavaria, Germany , It is generally considered to be a modification plant for BMW models ) Based on BMW X3 A new model , It is reported that , The new car will be powered by a 3.0T Turbocharged engine , The new one may come out as soon as the end of this year or 2022 It went on sale at the beginning of the year .

Alpina The new XD3 The front face is equipped with the classic double kidney air inlet grille of BMW family , And used fumigation treatment , Laser headlamp sets are also provided on both sides , A blackened sports front shovel is also installed at the lower bumper , The top is also printed with Alpina Model words , Further improve the vehicle identification . The body side is equipped with bright multi spoke aluminum alloy wheels , The door frame trim strip and the top luggage rack are also blackened . The rear of the vehicle is a double-sided double outlet exhaust layout , And changed into a new style LED Tail light set .

It is reported that , In terms of motivation , The new car will carry a 3.0T Turbocharged engine , Transmission system matching 8 Speed manual self - contained gearbox .

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As a brand that works closely with BMW ,Alpina The high-performance image in the hearts of many BMW fans has long been deeply rooted , As for this Alpina The new XD3 How do you behave , It won't be revealed until it really comes .

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