After the implementation of the new national standard for electric vehicles, the owners pay attention to the direct punishment for these three behaviors

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implementation new national standard electric

With the development of the economy , Now the means of transportation on the road are more diversified , Except for buses 、 Outside the car , And motorcycles 、 Electric cars are convenient tools . As soon as I lift the electric car , As the largest number of cars in China , In terms of management, it is more humanized , Unlike cars , Once found, they will be punished , Electric cars are different , After the traffic police met , The violation is not particularly serious, and only oral education is given to the car owner , The second time there is a direct fine . But with the increase of ownership year by year , Violations of electric vehicles are common , The traffic situation has become more chaotic , If you don't enforce strict regulations , Control the development of electric vehicles , After that, the traffic will be more congested . Attention, car owners , After the implementation of the new national standard for electric vehicles , Here again 3 A direct penalty for an act .

The first is not to follow the traffic lights , Now no matter which city , For better diversion , There will be traffic lights to indicate the passage of cars . Whether it's an electric car or , Or cars are not allowed to run red lights , This situation is more serious , The traffic police will be fined directly . Generally speaking , There are two situations when an electric vehicle runs a red light , The first is through the intersection , Such behavior is very dangerous , If there is an urgent vehicle passing , Possible collision . The other is running a red light at a zebra crossing , The advantages of light and convenient electric vehicles , You can reach the streets of the city at any time , And some car owners for convenience , Will run through the no go at a red light , This is prone to traffic accidents , The traffic police will also punish , So we should pay attention to .

Cross the second road at will , Some electric car owners are in a hurry , Didn't follow traffic signs , There is often a U-turn across the motorway , This situation does not affect the driving of the car , If two cars collide , The responsibility is borne by the owner of the electric vehicle , You should remember this . Actually , The safety of electric vehicles crossing the road is very low , Plus its own protective measures , Besides wearing a helmet , Basically no other protection , Once the car can't control its speed and hits an electric car , There may be casualties , So let's be clear .

The third random overspeed overload , Electric cars now play two major roles in the eyes of ordinary people , One is to take children to school , The other is to pull goods . Whatever it is , Can't violate the provisions of the traffic safety law , Manned aspect , Electric bicycles are quite strict , Under no circumstances can adults be carried behind the seat , It can only be 12 Children under the age of , Otherwise, if found by the traffic police, you will be punished . Besides , The speed of electric vehicles must meet the safety technical standards , No speeding , Otherwise, you won't be fined , May be suspected of illegal modification , Detained car .

actually , The safety technical conditions of electric vehicles are low , There are violations , It will increase the incidence of traffic , This is very undesirable , But now there are traffic regulations , The punishment will become more severe , So we should pay more attention to . friends , What do you think of this ? Leave your opinion .

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