Who drives Volkswagen Bora? Are there many small problems with Volkswagen Bora

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drives volkswagen bora small problems

Because the car has become an important means of transportation , Strong demand leads to fierce competition in the auto market , Many outstanding “ God car ”.“ Big brother in business ” buick GL8, Strength and cost performance coexist .“ Practical contestants ” Toyota corolla , The strength still cannot be underestimated , Over the years . Today, when there are so many choices to buy a car , A successful automobile brand needs to have high cost performance , We should also clarify our own value orientation . Just like Volkswagen Bora . Today we invite the owner, Mr. Wang , Who drives Volkswagen Bora ? How much income can afford to drive ? Are there many small problems with Volkswagen Bora . Now let's invite the car owner to come on stage and tell us his feelings .

The appearance is not as good as Langyi , Lang Yigui 7 thousand , It doesn't feel necessary . The appearance of atmospheric , Especially good looking sideways . Oh , by the way , There are daytime running lights , Security has improved a lot . Bora looks good , It's my favorite car , It would be nice to change another tail lamp design . Interior decoration is the consistent style of Volkswagen , Simple as it is , But it looks good . No navigation is a big injury , however carlife,carplay Yes, there are. . It's all hard plastic , There is a plastic friction sound , But except for the steering wheel , I can't touch it anywhere else . The new car still smells , But it's acceptable , More ventilation should solve .

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