Baidu's Jidu automobile signed a contract with lidar commercial Hesai

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baidu jidu automobile signed contract

[ Car home   information ]  recently , Baidu's intelligent car manufacturing company Jidu automobile signed a contract with domestic lidar manufacturer Hesai technology , Both sides will give full play to their respective technological and resource advantages , Build more security through in-depth cooperation 、 More efficient intelligent driving system .

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Jidu automobile is an intelligent automobile company established by Baidu , On 2021 year 3 Month set up , The investors are Baidu and Geely , Both sides are based on the world's leading pure electric architecture platform newly developed by Geely SEA make , Jointly build the next generation of intelligent vehicles .

Hesai technology is a lidar manufacturer ,2014 Founded in Shanghai ,2020 year 9 month 1 Japan , Hesai technology releases a new generation of flagship products Pandar128, A high-performance radar , In the strong light ,200 It can be realized within meters 10% Stable detection of reflectance targets .( writing / Car home Qin Chao )

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