Apple Titan projects such as vehicle lighting system have been patented again

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apple titan projects vehicle lighting

[ Car home   information ]  In recent days, , We learned from foreign media that , The U. S. patent and Trademark Office granted Apple several Titan project patents , Such patents relate to a complex and mature vehicle lighting system 、 be used for iDevice Traffic notification system of equipment and on-board instrument panel navigation system .

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The full name of the patent is “ Interior lighting system ”, It involves the combination of intelligent fabric and lighting system , May be integrated into fabric seats 、 The car door 、 Instrument panel or car interior part of the vehicle . Besides , The lighting system may provide ambient lights , Custom surface textures or other decorative patterns may be created on the surfaces of seats or other car interiors , May include icons 、 Text and other information , It may also include custom meters .

The illuminated area may be connected to the capacitive touch sensor 、 The force sensor and other sensors coincide , Light emitting diodes in the lighting system may provide light that can penetrate the opening of the covering layer . Such coverings may be made of fabric 、 Leather or other materials , The lens structure may guide light through the opening .

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Apple patent map 1 Shows the system #10, Including the basic parts in the car , Such as instrument dial 、 The seat 、 Head pillow 、 Seat belts, etc , It also includes a new lighting system . camera #26 Can monitor the actions of vehicle occupants , Vehicle seat #22 May be equipped with a pressure sensor #31 To measure by the driver or other passengers ( user ) The pressure of sitting in a seat ( weight ).

Apple patent map 2 Is a schematic diagram of the lighting system , chart 5 Is a side view of the light projection system , For example, an image projector for providing lighting, etc . Apple patent map 23 This is a perspective view , A magnetic holder for holding cups and related lighting systems is shown .

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When people drive at night , It takes a chance to put a cup of coffee in the right place . With the next generation of lighting systems , When people put down their coffee , The holder for the cup will light up , Therefore, the system is particularly suitable for night driving . similarly , If people need to iPhone Put the phone down , The wireless charging pad will also glow at night , Guide people to put their mobile phones in the right place , So that people don't have to grope in the dark , To distract the driver .

The second Titan project patent is called “ Traffic notification system in navigation ”. Apple pointed out , Due to the popularity of mobile devices such as smart phones , Users can run a variety of applications on the device , One of them is the map and navigation application , It allows users to browse the map and get the route direction . Although such applications are popular , But its function also has disadvantages , It brings inconvenience to users .

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Apple's patent provides a navigation application using a novel traffic notification scheme , It can provide traffic related notifications when the device provides navigation information . During navigation , The application can provide navigation instructions , Specify the navigation route at the route connection through which the device reaches its destination .

Apple patent map 1 A dynamic traffic notice banner is displayed . among , The navigation is applied to a navigation banner #110 A traffic notice banner is displayed above #105, And the navigation banner #110 Located on the navigation information bar #100 upper . In some cases , The navigation application can be used on handheld devices ( Like a smartphone 、 Tablet, etc ) Or others with a display #150 A computing device that displays navigation information ( Like a laptop 、 Vehicle navigation system 、 Vehicle information display system, etc ) Upper use .

In other cases , The display is another device ( Such as vehicle information display system ) Part of , The device is driven by a handheld device or other computing device executing a navigation application .( compile / Car home Guo Chen )

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