After driving the jietu x70s and the Chery Ruihu 8, the owner asked about his feelings: I want to say four words

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driving jietu x70s chery ruihu

The rapidly developing automobile manufacturing industry , Bring continuous product innovation , Countless distinctive “ Luxury car ” Come into view , Born like a shortcut X70S And Chery Tiger 8 Such a car . Xiao Huang is a good friend in the circle , He's taken a shortcut X70S, Drive Chery tiger again 8, Ask how you feel , The owner : Want to say four words . Comparison between the two cars , What is the difference ? Now let him tell us !

Let's look at jietu first X70S The appearance of the , The appearance is more atmospheric, if you are young , about 90 After that, we are still very happy to save . So the front face is very atmospheric , The side waistline is beautifully designed . Appearance is not very important to me , budget husband , To the headlights . Especially if the tires are big enough ,20 Inch .

Look at Chery Tiger 8, Only when you look good can you be interested in understanding . Novel shape , It feels very solid , There is a sense of luxury as a whole .LED Automatic headlight , With automatic switching between high and low beams , Good headlight brightness . At night, the tail lights are also very beautiful , The through tail lamp is very atmospheric .

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