On the streets, 13.88 million people ran "overhead" exhaust pipes, and Ferrari dared not do it when they saw the license plate

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streets million people ran overhead

We often meet luxury cars when driving on the road , Encountered millions of cars , Most car owners will look more , Feast your eyes . After reading it, the car owners will automatically keep a certain distance from it , In case of a collision, I'm afraid I can't afford to pay , The streets 1388 Wan chaopao “ Top ” exhaust pipe , See the license plate , Ferrari dare not do this .

Most of the luxury cars I usually see on the road are Ferrari , porsche , Rolls Royce and other models , What Xiaobian wants to tell you today is a sports car that few people have seen , The shape of this car is very strange . Although the Porsche logo is hanging on the rear of the car , But when the car owners saw it, they still stopped to watch .

It turns out that the car on the road is Porsche 918, The price of this car exceeds 1300 ten thousand . The biggest feature of this car is its exhaust pipe , Because the position of the exhaust pipe is relatively high , Netizens joked that the exhaust pipe of the sports car was overhead . See the car from a distance , It's like it's staring at you with an exhaust pipe . Netizens took photos and sent them online , Everyone was happy after reading .

The Porsche on the road 918 yes 2014 Models launched in , Because there are only 2014 car , So this car is very rare , It is known as one of the three divine vehicles in the world . The power output of this car is a plug-in hybrid combination , just 2.6 You can complete 100 km acceleration in seconds . This car not only runs fast , Speed up , The appearance value is also very high , No wonder netizens are taking pictures , It's really hard to see this car .

In fact, another highlight of this car is its license plate , The license plate of this car is PZ918,918 It's its model ,PZ It's the abbreviation of the owner's name . The price of this exclusive license plate number customized by the owner must not be cheap , No wonder some people say they saw this Ferrari 918, Even Ferrari dare not do it , I don't know what you want to say ?

source : China Star circle

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