Love to expose the price? How much will Highlander's sister car cost

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love expose price highlander sister

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GAC Toyota Highlander can be said to be a very special car in the domestic auto market , The previous generation models were sold at an increased price 8 year , Even at the end of the product's life, the price is still strong , It's not about “ The unicorn ” General product features have a lot to do with . however , This situation is about to become history . As hannanda's sister car , FAW Toyota Crown luffer will be launched in 8 month 27 Official listing . The car is in 7 month 13 The pre-sale prices of three models were announced on the th , The pre-sale price range is 28-37 Ten thousand yuan .

Benefit from hanlanda's popularity , Crown Lu Fang received a lot of attention when it was released at this year's Shanghai Auto Show . and , FAW Toyota resurrected very pleasantly “ an crown ”, And set it up as a high-end brand , Become the first model of this sub brand , It also adds a lot of heat to crown luff . In addition, many domestic consumers have deep feelings for the old crown , Therefore, the expectation of crown Lu Fang is still very high .

and , At present, the new generation of Highlander can pick up the car without raising the price , Do you think there will be any credit for crown Lu Fang ? This question is left for everyone to discuss , Let's talk about the focus of this article , That's how much crown luff will sell , Can it sell as well as the previous Highlander after listing ? Crown Lufang and hanlanda will produce 1+1 Greater than 2 The effect of , There will still be internal friction ?

Price conjecture :26.28 From ten thousand yuan

Because crown luff is a brand new model launched by FAW Toyota , There is no reference to the old model , So we can only use hanlanda as a reference . A new generation of Highlander is in 6 Month official listing , The official guide selling price range is 26.88-34.88 Ten thousand yuan . In addition, we have already mentioned , The pre-sale price range of crown Lufang is 28-37 Ten thousand yuan , More expensive than hanlanda . So what will the final price be ? Here we can compare the prices of other sister models of FAW Toyota and GAC Toyota , Of course, this comparison is not very rigorous , It can only be used as a reference .

As can be seen from the table above , In two groups of cars , The entry-level models of FAW Toyota corolla and Asian lion are cheaper , One of the price differences is 4000 element , The other is 6000 element . And two groups SUV The comparison results are just the opposite , Gac Toyota C-HR And willanda start at a lower price , The price difference is 4000 element . So the price of crown Lufang , We prefer FAW Toyota to continue this Law , That is, the starting price will be slightly higher than that of hanlanda . Combined with the previously announced pre-sale price , We expect the starting price of crown luff to be 26.28 Ten thousand yuan .

Will crown Luffa have internal friction with hannanda ?

Although it's a sister model , But in fact, there are some differences in positioning between crown Lufang and hanlanda , This can be seen from the difference in appearance and interior decoration . A new generation of American version Highlander Two look kits are available , One is a regular version , That is, the new generation of hanlanda adopted by GAC Toyota , The other is more sporty and higher configuration XSE models , The crown land release transplant is the latter , At the same time, the Tauren logo was replaced with a new crown logo .

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Crown Lu Fang


obviously , The appearance kit used by crown Lufang is more sporty , Hexagonal honeycomb medium mesh with large lower air inlet , Full of momentum . Besides , The crown land is placed on the rear bumper with chrome decoration , The exhaust tailpipe with single side and double outlet is also different from the hidden type of hanlanda . The rim styles of the two cars are also different , It is a good explanation of the positioning difference between the two vehicles , Crown Lu Fang is a younger sport , Hannanda is more atmospheric and stable .

Because the color matching picture of crown luff red and black interior is missing , Therefore, the official drawing of overseas models is used to replace .


So is the interior , Although the overall shape of the interior of the two cars is the same , And they all provide a set of all black interior color matching . But beyond that , Crown Lufang also provides a matching of red and black colors , Looks more passionate , More athletic ; Hanlanda also offers a beige interior , Looks more homely 、 More warm . So from the different styles of appearance and interior decoration , The user portraits of crown Lufang and hanlanda are different .

What is the market prospect of crown Lufang ?

Although in Toyota's two car strategy , Earlier “ original edition ” Compared with the later sister cars, it has higher popularity and reputation , In terms of sales volume, it always suppresses each other , But in fact, the sales of later people are not ugly . For example, in the first half of this year , Carola's insurance number is 168,037 car , Lei Ling's insurance number is 120,582 car ;RAV4 Rongfang's insurance number is 94,801 car , The insured amount of willanda is 52,905 car ( The above data include dual engine models ). So we expect , The sales rate of crown luff can't compare with that of hanlanda , But it won't be bad .

Some people will question it , Crown Luffy has no reputation and user base of hanlanda , But why is the price more expensive . In this regard, we can first look at hanlanda's configuration table , Forward and aft parking radar 、 Reversing image 、 Adaptive cruise 、 Panoramic sunroof 、 Roof luggage rack 、 Electric rear compartment 、 Leather seats 、 Front seat heating 、 Navigation system 、 Back privacy glass 、 Leather steering wheel 、 Leather shift lever 、 Automatic anti glare interior rearview mirror 、 colour HUD Head-up display system 、 Intelligent voice interaction system 、 Car home interconnection system 、OTA Upgrade features , as well as Toyota Safety Sense Chi heng security , These configurations are only 30 Above ten thousand yuan 3 Only this model has ,30 The three models below 10000 yuan are not equipped with , The gap is very large . obviously , Three new 30 More than 10000 models are the main sales models of hanlanda .

Highlander only offers high configuration models Toyota Safety Sense Chi heng security , The crown Lufang is the standard configuration of the whole system .

We got the configuration information of crown land release not long ago , New cars are also launched 6 models , The difference is that it contains 2 Two wheel drive models and 4 A 4WD model , Hanlanda is each 3 paragraph . Crown Lufang comes standard Toyota Safety Sense Smart travel safety suit , contain LTA Lane tracking AIDS 、PCS Pre crash safety system 、DRCC Dynamic radar cruise control system 、AHB Automatic adjustment of high beam system, etc , And full speed adaptive cruise 、 Adaptive low and high beam 、 Front double-layer soundproof glass and front soundproof windshield . therefore , Although the price of crown Lufang may be more expensive , But you have your reason . Of course , The specific configuration can only be compared in more detail after the crown land launch .

At the end : To sum up , We expect that the price of crown luff will be more expensive than that of hanlanda , Maybe it's because its configuration is higher . Although hanlanda doesn't need to raise the price to collect the car at present , But it takes a long time to collect the car , This may be an opportunity for crown land release . in addition , The user positioning of the two is slightly different , Although there will still be some competition , But more importantly, they can work together to fight against competing products of other brands , Like don Conway Plus、 SAIC Volkswagen road view L、 Changan Ford Ruijie , Even some medium and large 7 seat SUV. After all, it's not the time for hannanda to seek defeat alone , It would be easier to ask a sister for help .

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