Hongguang miniev makaron's autumn version appeared on September 2

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hongguang miniev makaron autumn version

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SAIC GM Wuling officials recently announced , Hongguang MINIEV The makaron Autumn Edition will be on 9 month 2 Official appearance . At present, the official did not disclose more specific information about the autumn version , We speculate that the new car is likely to be equipped with a light and elegant color close to autumn , In addition, there may be some changes in the configuration .

As a reference , Cash Hongguang MINIEV Macarone provides white peach powder 、 Lemon yellow 、 Avocado Green is available in three exclusive colors . Specific to the model , As Hongguang MINIEV The new model of , Agatsuma MINIEV Makaron Autumn Edition has adjusted and upgraded the appearance details and interior configuration . Agatsuma MINIEV Macarone has a black shiny design on the front face and tail , In addition, the shape of the lamp cavity inside the front and rear lamp groups has also changed .

interiors , Agatsuma MINIEV Makaron on the premise that the overall design remains unchanged , Several configurations have been upgraded . For example, new driver's vanity mirror and Bluetooth device , The Bluetooth design also supports the optional intelligent voice transceiver , Provide voice interaction 、 Voice navigation and other functions . Besides , The new car also adds the reversing image function , It is also equipped with driver's airbag and rear seat airbag as standard 2 individual ISOFIX Child safety seat interface .

motivation , Hongguang on sale MINIEV Makaron is equipped with a permanent magnet synchronous motor , The most powerful 20kW(27 horsepower ), Maximum torque 85Nm. Besides , The new car is also equipped with 9.3kWh Lithium iron phosphate batteries and batteries 13.8kWh Ternary lithium battery two kinds of batteries ,NEDC Range can provide 120km and 170km Two kinds of . Charging ways ,120km The slow charge of the endurance version is 6 Hours ,170km The endurance version is 9 Hours .

Edit comment on : Agatsuma MINIEV I believe I don't need to say more about the hot sales of , consecutive 11 Won the sales champion of new energy vehicles for three months . From the number of insurance in the first half of this year , Agatsuma MINIEV achieve 157026 platform , Almost famous Tesla Model 3 Twice the number of insured . Believe in , With the addition of autumn version , Agatsuma MINIEV Our sales will go to a higher level .

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