With oversized tail? The new Lingke 03 + model will be unveiled soon

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oversized tail new lingke model

recently , We learned from Lingke automobile official that , Led the g 03+ Will be in 8 month 29 The Chengdu auto show, which opened on the th, released a new model . From the official preview , It is expected that the new car will adopt the new blue paint , It is also equipped with a fixed rear spoiler .

Link brand is in WTCR The racing cars on the field are painted in blue , And had previously set a new record for New Zealand's northern lap speed 03 Cyan Concept car , It's also blue paint . According to the trailer , Led the g 03+ The upcoming new car is also expected to adopt sky blue color , It is also equipped with a large fixed spoiler .

motivation , The new car will carry the code number JLH-4G20TDH Of 2.0L In-line four cylinder turbocharged engines , The most powerful 195kW, The output power is slightly higher than that of current models , Transmission system matching 8 Speed manual self - contained gearbox . Lingke automobile officially announced its 7 Monthly sales figures ,7 The monthly sales volume of all Lingke models is 18225 car , rose 18.88%, Sequential rise 6.72%, So far this year, the cumulative total sales volume of all Lingke models has reached 556046 car . Besides , stay 7 In January, the shipment volume of Lingke brand cars exported to the European market was 1400 car ,1-7 The total monthly shipment is 5046 car , In this year, we have delivered... To subscribers in the European market in an innovative subscription mode 495 A car .

2018 year 8 month 31 Japan , Lingke's first car product —— Led the g 03 Debut at Chengdu auto show , And in 10 month 19 It was officially launched at Fuji international circuit in Japan on the th . On the day of listing , Lingke automobile announced Lingke 03 Will join hands Cyan Racing Create a linker 03 WTCR War chariot , Set up Lingke team , And fight in the back WTCR( World touring car cup ). A year later , The long-awaited link of the majority of netizens 03+ list .“ The car is like its name ”, Led the g 03+ The design idea is not complicated , Is in Lingke 03 Add on the basis of . Regardless of the front lip 、 The side skirt is also the tail to increase the downforce , Led the g 03+ They all use carbon fiber veneers as weapons ., In a way , Led the g 03+ Can be called 03 Of “ Official modified car ”. Now , Led the g 03+ What differences will the new model bring to us ? We'll see .

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