Li Shufu rescued Chongqing's richest man and "escaped a disaster"?

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li shufu rescued chongqing richest

Turn losses into gains , Lifan motor has rare good news . Li Shufu helped , Geely connects the panlifan , Finally let Yin Mingshan, the richest man in Chongqing “ Survive a disaster ”, To start and finish , Keep your reputation in your old age .

1、 Lifan automobile turned losses into profits ?

Lifan who hasn't heard from you for a long time , Recently, it has returned to people's attention . Fortunately , This time is not an endless stream of bad news , But rare good news . Released by Lifan 2021 The annual report shows , This year, 1-6 month , Operating income is 17.36 One hundred million yuan , Year-on-year growth 9.59%; Net income of 3739.92 Ten thousand yuan , Turn losses into profits . Although Lifan automobile plate is still depressed , Last year there was only 113 Sales of cars , But motorcycles 31.92 Thousands of cars , General purpose gasoline engine 31.35 Thousands of cars , Both achieved year-on-year growth . The reorganized sail ,“ Take off the stars and hats ” And turn losses into profits , Yin Mingshan breathed a sigh .

2、 Yin Mingshan, the richest man in Chongqing ?

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