A good helper on the road of entrepreneurship to test drive the new Wuling journey

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good helper road entrepreneurship test

[ Car home Original test drive ] Wuling has always been a very special existence in the hearts of domestic consumers , It has produced many top selling models in market segments , It has also created many popular models , But in essence , It has always been committed to producing models that people need , Take Wuling Hongguang as an example , They can still be seen everywhere in today's major cities , Delivery is good , Manned or not , be conscientious and do one's best , With the continuous upgrading of the market , Today's consumers have higher expectations for the space demand of vehicles , Wuling also launched the medium and large-scale... We test drive today MPV- Wuling journey .

■ Introduction to appearance and interior upholstery Not long ago, Wang Hexuan did a very detailed static analysis of this model . So this test drive , Let's just briefly review the static part of the vehicle , It mainly brings you dynamic experience , If you want to see the static evaluation of the vehicle, you can click the link to view the previous content .

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