Look who's the strongest? Interpretation of China's auto hedging rate ranking

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look strongest interpretation china auto

[ Car home industry ] The hedging rate is the most direct quantitative expression of the value of circulating models in the automobile market , It not only reflects consumers' consumption expectations for brand models , Impact insurance 、 Finance 、 Design and layout of business projects by leasing and other service-oriented enterprises 、 Asset management and disposal , It has a direct impact on the product planning and earnings of second-hand car enterprises and OEMs . Car home “818 Global auto Festival ” period , Car house works hand in hand to shoot cars every day , Jointly released 《2021 Ranking of China's automobile hedging rate in 》.

《2021 Ranking of China's automobile hedging rate in 》( Hereinafter referred to as “《 The report 》”) The statistical period is 2020 year 8 month 1 solstice 2021 year 7 month 31 Japan .《 The report 》 In the field of circulation 4.5 Ten thousand models 、 Total over 4000 Source data of 10000 online vehicles 、600 More than 10000 real car owner prices 、2 More than 100 million pieces of Ping An auto insurance data and more than 100 Based on 10000 second-hand car transaction data , Restore the residual value of domestic used cars to the greatest extent . 《 The report 》 The vehicle hedging rate referred to in is , From the date of purchase of the new car , After a period of use , The vehicle transaction price is the same as the new vehicle manufacturer's guide price at the time of purchase (MSRP) The ratio of the . In the statistical cycle , The used car market ushered in the reduction of transaction tax to 0.5%、“ Limit movement ” Positive effects such as regional gradual deconstruction , At the same time, it has been subsidized by new energy , The impact of factors such as the decline in the price of some brand channels , And the appearance of the vehicle itself 、 The mileage 、 The quality of 、 Word of mouth 、 Brand value also affects the vehicle hedging rate . Overall speaking ,《 The report 》 Some trends and conclusions are given . Used car market , The popularity of Japanese brands has not decreased 、 The price of imported vehicles is relatively stable ; In the fuel vehicle market SUV The hedging rate has obvious advantages 、 Luxury cars “ Polarization ”; New energy vehicle market , Chinese brands have broken the fuel vehicle market for a long time “ Overseas brands dominate ” The inherent concept of , Become a new upstart in subdivided fields . Comprehensive comparison of hedging rate : The Japanese system continues to lead 、 The price of imported cars is strong The overall pattern of the domestic used car market still continues the basic situation of previous years . According to the manufacturer's attributes , Imported models 3 Annual hedge rate ( The following hedging rates are expressed in 3 Year based ) With 56.08% Keep leading ; By country , Japanese brands are based on 58.13% The hedging rate is in the lead , German brands are based on 55.78% Second seat , Italian brand with 53.29% The hedging rate of is ranked third . Although the market share of Italian brands is not high , But the ultra luxury brands in its camp , Like Ferrari 、 Maserati and other second-hand prices have shown strong performance in recent years . The value preservation rate of legal system vehicles is 47.79%, At the bottom of the list . from 2019 Year begins , The sales of new cars in the legal system fell by a fault . Hold the sign 、 Citroen and other legal brands PSA Group and FCA The group merged into Stellantis The group , Let's rekindle the war , But the previous retail network for more than a year “ uncertainty ” The influence of legal cars in the second-hand market has been at the freezing point , The car dealers are not very enthusiastic about business . To a certain extent, it affects the value preservation rate of legal vehicles .

From the perspective of fuel vehicle brand , Before hedge ratio 10 Our brand is still occupied by overseas traditional OEMs . Porsche is the only one with a hedge rate that exceeds 80% The brand of , With 84.69% No. 1 .2-4 The name is Lexus 、 Toyota 、 Honda carves up , The hedging rate is 78.5%、77.87%、73.51%. Traditional first-line luxury brands “BBA” The overall hedging rate increased slightly , But at the bottom . In the Chinese brand camp , The main “ Practical and small ” Wuling Automobile ranks first in the list , The hedge ratio is 59.48%. The first 2 The position has been established for a short time , Rely on accurate product positioning and high cost performance of Lingke , by 58.95%. Gac and kei 、WEY After that .

According to the model level , Fuel vehicle market SUV The model is the best . among , Medium large scale SUV Widely sought after by the market , Resale value 55.95%, Ranked first in the field of segmentation ;MPV Overall performance was stable , Resale value 52.7%; The hedging rate of medium and large cars is only 48.82%, But at the bottom .

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