Can low-speed electric vehicles usher in spring?

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low-speed low speed electric vehicles

Low speed electric vehicles have been used for a long time “ Name is not right, word is not right ” Finally a conclusion has been reached . Recently, the Ministry of industry and information technology has made it clear that four-wheel low-speed electric vehicles will be a subclass of pure electric passenger vehicles , the “ become a regular worker ”. that ,“ justify ” Whether the low-speed electric vehicle enterprises can show their skills ?

Just need to spawn the market

When it comes to low-speed electric vehicles , Some people think that “ Can't get on the table ”. However , The market scale of low-speed electric vehicles should not be underestimated . data display , At present, there are 100 About low-speed electric vehicle manufacturers above designated size , Capacity exceeds 200 Thousands of cars .

The reason why low-speed electric vehicles are widely favored : First, price advantage , Generally only 3、4 ten thousand element ; Second, the advantages of environmental protection , No exhaust emissions , The noise is also low ; Third, the use of advantages , Due to the short body , Small volume , Less road and parking space . in addition , Low speed electric vehicles have become the best means of transportation for rural logistics distribution . In contrast to the subsidization of new energy vehicles , Low speed electric vehicles came into being without any external force , It fully shows that low-speed electric vehicles represent a development trend in the future , Take a short walk and follow City It's like walking , Will become the basic needs of more and more people .

Many problems hinder

Many problems have also been exposed in the development of low-speed electric vehicles : First, the product quality is mixed , When the circuit of the whole vehicle is worn or there is water, it may be short circuited and cause spontaneous combustion , Threaten the safety of people's lives and property . Second, most manufacturers use lead-acid batteries as power , The service life is about 2-3 year , The renewal cycle is short , The recycling cost of waste lead-acid batteries is high , There is also a hidden danger that expired old batteries pollute the environment . Third, in rural areas , Many old people driving low-speed electric vehicles 、 women , Even some minors don't have a driver's license , Illegal driving is common , Causing multiple traffic accidents . Fourth, the driving mileage is limited , Charging is not convenient . In addition, for a long time, the name of low-speed electric vehicles is not correct and not smooth , Lack of legal status , Unable to enjoy various state subsidies for new energy vehicles , Low speed electric vehicles grow in barbarism .

For many years, the controversy over low-speed electric vehicles has been pending , One side ,“ Ban low-speed electric vehicles ” And so on . On the other hand ,“ become a regular worker ” There are endless voices .

Speed up “ winning Parameters picture ) Survival of the fittest ”

Today's controversial low-speed electric vehicles “ Identity issues ” Finally ushered in an authoritative official reply , It will be fully incorporated into the management system of pure electric passenger vehicles . This change in management thinking , Leave the opportunity to have a complete four process production lines 、 Mature automobile manufacturing technology 、 Enterprises with certain technological R & D strength . And for most of the miscellaneous car companies , After regularization , The survival advantage is no longer , Face elimination .

The technical requirements of the new regulations for low-speed pure electric passenger vehicles reflect two characteristics : One is the size 、 Driving range 、 Energy density of battery system 、 Acceleration performance and other technical requirements , With strict standards ; Second, compared with the safety requirements of pure electric passenger vehicles , Keep the safety requirements of low-speed pure electric passenger vehicles unchanged . Have to say , These new standards are relatively strict .

Facing a new test

Seems to be optimistic about the development of low-speed pure electric vehicle industry , At present, a number of traditional car companies have begun to seize this market , The starting price is down to 3 Within 10000 yuan Wuling Agatsuma MINIEV, Directly into the price range of low-speed electric vehicles , At present, the cumulative sales volume is approaching 30 Thousands of cars . in addition , changan Launch Chang'an Run E-Star National edition , With ultra-low pricing , A lot of sales . Other brands have also launched low-cost electric vehicles , Such as SAIC Roewe Colleway CLEVER Si Hao E10X Punk Meimei 、 Reading Mango. etc. . Previously publicized by the Ministry of industry and information technology 343 In the batch of new cars , Yes 19 A bulletin number 11 This model is a small electric vehicle , It accounts for one third of the total number of passenger cars .

Traditional mature car enterprises have the advantages of huge supply chain system and car manufacturing platform , It can further reduce the production cost and vehicle price on a single model . under these circumstances , There is great doubt about the competitiveness of micro low-speed electric vehicle enterprises that will be brought into formal management , It will be a wise choice to unite with traditional automobile enterprises .

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