The second generation GS 8 of GAC motor has not been tested in mass production

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second generation gs gac motor

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5 Years ago , When the first generation GS8 When it came out , It has caused a great upsurge in China . Although at that time SUV The heat has been overwhelming , But people still have great doubts about Chinese brands , In this context ,GS8 It still brings a wave of fame and fortune to GAC motor . In a moment GS8 The second generation is coming soon , This time will also bring fuel version and hybrid version of two powertrain . The overall appearance of the new product was released at the end of last month , After a month, everyone must be in a hurry , Today I'll bring you GS8 More product analysis , Quickly follow me down .

My colleague brought you an analysis of the overall appearance a month ago , Interested friends can go directly to... Through the portal below . Today we will briefly explain , Don't go into too much detail . About the two looks, after the last brief announcement , We also found the doubts in everyone's heart , For example, how to match two sets of appearance ? How is the configuration determined ? What technology is mixed ? Although the model we experienced today is only a trial loading in the initial stage , But the degree of completion has reached 90% above , So I can't say anything except the interior today , The rest of the work is full .

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