SAIC Roewe imax8 is newly launched, with a price of 188800-253800 yuan

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saic roewe imax8 imax newly

In recent years , With the development of large and medium-sized enterprises in China MPV The full liberalization of the market two-child policy , Become a choice for more families . however , At present, there are not many choices in the market . Many auto companies will also launch their own core products in the near future . saic roewe iMAX8 It's also at this level “ New blood ” 了 . The new car was launched last year , Received good attention .

In recent days, , We learned from SAIC Roewe ,2022 New roewe iMAX8 Officially listed , New car launches 4 models , Price range: 18.88 Ten thousand yuan to 25.38 Ten thousand yuan . Of course , New cars also bring some policy benefits . But the most important thing is as an annual change . The official obviously received more suggestions and information from users , The details of the new car have also been upgraded to a certain extent . Let's see !

The first is Roewe iMAX8 More iconic “ Magic wand ”. indeed , When this gadget was first launched, it brought us a very good freshness , But some consumers complain that it takes up a lot of space , But the storage space provided is not large , So this year's change has been upgraded and optimized , Added a deep and large storage space , More practical .

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