Mercedes Benz new car information: covering three major brands, Mercedes Benz dominated by Mercedes Maybach s announced the lineup of Chengdu auto show

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mercedes benz new car information

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 2021 The Chengdu auto show will be held in 8 month 29 Opening day , Recently, Mercedes Benz officially announced the lineup of new cars participating in the auto show , except 27 A new generation of Mercedes launched on the th - Mercedes Benz long wheelbase C Outside the class car ,29 Day auto show site , The official will also bring a new Mercedes - Maybach S( Parameters | inquiry ) 580 4MATIC、 Mercedes -AMG A 35 L 4MATIC Blazing night special edition and 2021 paragraph V Including 31 This model appeared on the booth .

●  Mercedes - Maybach S 580 4MATIC


【 The picture shows the American model 】

A new generation of Mercedes - Maybach S There are only... Of the first class models listed in China S 480 a , At the Chengdu auto show , Carrying code M176 Of 4.0T Twin turbocharging V8 The engine and 48V A Mercedes made up of motors - Maybach S 580 4MATIC Will be the first . 


If only from the appearance , You can't tell the new generation of Maybach S The difference between the various power models of the class , In addition to the new Maybach exclusive China open design , The extended body is also C Maybach's exclusive double... Is added to the column M logo, Makes this car long 5470mm A large car , It looks more luxurious . interiors , Overseas models will provide 4 A layout , Two exclusive aviation seats will bring a more luxurious ride experience , It is unknown whether this configuration can be provided for the imported domestic version in the future . 



  motivation , Mercedes - Maybach S 580 4MATIC We'll code it M176 Of 4.0T Twin turbocharging V8 Engine and 48V Micro hybrid power assembly matched with motor , This is also a new generation of Maybach S The only class model equipped with V8 The model of the engine . The maximum power of the engine 503 horsepower , Peak torque 700 cattle · rice .48V The motor is additionally provided with 20 The maximum horsepower and 180 cattle · Peak torque in meters , This makes the new car 0-100km/h Speed up only 4.8 second . Transmission in , Will match one 9 Speed manual automatic transmission and a set of 4MATIC All-wheel-drive system .

●  Mercedes -AMG A 35 L 4MATIC Blazing Night Special Edition


【 The picture shows the common version on sale 】

Mercedes made in China by Beijing Benz -AMG A 35 L 4MATIC, It has become a new favorite in the luxury performance car market , The special edition launched by Mercedes Benz at the auto show , Or it will be adjusted according to the body color matching and configuration , Further strengthen the personality of the new car .

 picture   motivation , New cars will continue to be shipped 2.0T Turbocharged engine , The most powerful 306 horsepower , Peak torque 400 cattle · rice . Transmission in ,7 Fast wet double clutch gearbox , And match a set of 4MATIC All-wheel-drive system .

● 2021 A Mercedes - Mercedes V level


 【 Match the graph 2020 paragraph V level 】

As a large-scale enterprise in China MPV The best in the market , Mercedes - Mercedes V The first class will welcome the release of the annual model at the Chengdu auto show , At present, we don't have specific change information about the car , But we speculate that the new car will further optimize the existing design , At the same time, the interior provides more luxury configurations , So as to highlight the luxury and large-scale MPV Due sense of dignity . Besides , The new car will continue to launch standard wheelbase and long wheelbase models , To meet the use needs of different groups .

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