The BMW X5 real car has an atmospheric and comfortable appearance and a very scientific and technological interior

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bmw x5 real car atmospheric

BMW X5 Real vehicle , The actual vehicle is diesel version , It's BMW X5 M50d models , Powered by 3.0T Diesel engine match 8 Speed automatic transmission , The most powerful 400 horsepower , Peak torque 760 cattle · rice ,0-100km/h Acceleration is only for 5.2 second . BMW X5 Expected next year 4 Domestic production will be carried out in May , It's worth looking forward to , In terms of competitive products, it is still against Audi Q7 And Mercedes Benz GLE Models such as . The appearance value is very atmospheric , It has a more grand and comfortable luxury style , The interior design also has a strong sense of science and Technology , Design with three rows of seats , It's also very spacious .

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