How is Toyota Zhixiang cost-effective? Is it really fuel-efficient? Let's see what the real car owners say

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toyota zhixiang cost-effective cost effective

Toyota Zhixiang actually bought this car for his wife , I go to work every day. The commuter is downstairs. It's very convenient , Her company is far away from home and has to take the bus to the subway to get there , Only in this way can we consider buying a scooter . I think Toyota Zhixiang is very suitable for my wife , It's convenient to drive a car with automatic transmission , The control is also very flexible , But the most satisfactory thing is the fuel consumption and price ,1.5 L displacement engine is very fuel-efficient , After all efforts are completed, the cards are put on the ground, that is 8 More than 10000 prices , I believe that ordinary families are acceptable , I'm also very satisfied with the price

In terms of space, I can give 85 branch , My height 175, Sitting in the front row of the car, one punch and two fingers in the head space , Sit in the back row with a punch in the head space , My wife is shorter than me , So space is more sufficient for her . There are also small storage compartments on both sides of the door, as well as space for glove boxes and armrest boxes , Ordinary mobile phones, water and home keys can be put in it , It's very convenient to take or take . There is enough space in the trunk , Last time I went on a business trip, I brought two big suitcases , It's all in the trunk

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