Binyue is another strong enemy, 1.5l6mt, which is cost-effective and can be regarded as a model of the same model

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binyue strong enemy 1.5l6mt mt

At present, the situation of automobile consumer market is grim , Many excellent cars with excellent strength were born .“ Big brother in business ” buick GL8, It's a well deserved car industry “ Being in charge of Huadan ”.“ Successful person ” Standard Mercedes Benz S level , It can be regarded as a model of the same model . Today, when there are so many choices to buy a car , A car can only succeed if it gives full play to its own highlights and finds the right entry point , Like I'm talking about now, this sway G01, It is another strong enemy of Binyue ,1.5L+6MT, Vehicle width 1855mm, The price is close to the people !

SWM Sway G01 Designers are really big , Coworth was the chief designer of Toyota Europe 、 Audi chief designer . aesthetic ,SWM Sway G01 Shield front design , Match with arrow shaped air inlet grille and arrow feather type LED Headlights look very fashionable . The side of the car body adopts parallel arrow feather double waist line modeling , Not only in the shape of integration , Also lengthen the line of sight horizontally , It looks very dynamic .

G01 The interior adopts a simple design route . Most physical keys are omitted from the central control panel , A large number of touch operation modes are adopted , Create a good sense of sophistication . Leather seats are sewn with double seams , The workmanship is quite fine . The function is matched with seat ventilation 、 Heating, etc “ Over level configuration ”. Except for the seats , The steering wheel 、 The shift ball joint is wrapped with high-grade leather , Delicate feel .

SWM Sway G01 All models are equipped with only one 1.5T Turbocharged engine , The most powerful 115kW(156Ps), Maximum torque 220N·m, Traditional system matching 6 Manual gearbox with a pick or 6 Self - contained gearbox .

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