The new tank 500 is coming. The size is not inferior to the land patrol. It's 3.0T + 4WD. Is it really fragrant?

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new tank coming. coming size

In the domestic hardline off-road vehicle market , The hottest hardline SUV is undoubtedly Prado 、 Land patrol 、 Tule and other models , But they have stopped selling at home , Can only be purchased through parallel import , And the price is also relatively high . And since the tank 300 After the launch of , To some extent, it has changed the Chinese brand, and has not launched hardline cross-country for a long time SUV The status quo of , The new car relies on its personalized appearance and people-friendly price , It has received extensive attention in the market .

In recent days , The Great Wall officially released a new SUV—— tanks 500 The official figure , The domineering appearance of the new car , No less powerful than Toyota Land Cruiser , At the level of brand strategy , It has a different meaning . Next , You might as well follow brother douche to have a look , This tank 500 What are the highlights .

aesthetic , tanks 500 Brought a new image , Its body has become more square and atmospheric , The line treatment is stronger , The huge chrome plated medium mesh grille is very eye-catching , Irregular shape headlights on both sides , Make the vehicle look more sharp and impact . Besides , Front surround simple shape , It also improves the hardline off-road vehicle attributes of the car .

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