Toyota is another powerful school, with high-speed stability as E-Series and fuel consumption as low as 4.5L

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toyota powerful school high-speed high

Toyota leiling has a beautiful appearance , It looks sharp , It adopts Toyota's latest family design language , The overall body streamline is also more natural . But I think as a hybrid , Still like the old one , And the gasoline version has a regional branch in terms of modeling , It's not just that the logo has a blue background , There should also be an obvious appearance feature , Zankou one star , I hope it can be improved if an improvement is made

The interior is much better than the old model , First, the layout of the central control is very simple , There is a sense of hierarchy from top to bottom , There is also a chrome plated decorative strip that runs transversely through the whole central control, adding some atmosphere to the tone of the whole central control , It doesn't look so monotonous anymore . The size of the large screen is also more appropriate , The content is clear and rich , Very smooth to use . Compared with the old model , The new model also uses an electronic handbrake to replace the traditional mechanical handbrake , In the central control gear, this one looks more concise , The sense of class has also gone up .

In space , There's plenty of space in the car , In the joint venture compact car, it is above the average , Satisfying . The volume of the trunk is also very large , And it also supports proportional overthrow , Compared with ordinary cars , There is no difference in car convenience . The front row is for me 175 In terms of height , There is more than one punch left on the head , The legs in the back row are about half punched 、 One punch on the head , The overall spatial performance is still very excellent , I believe that for ordinary family cars, it can fully meet .

motivation , Very motivated , I haven't had much contact with new energy vehicles before , Driving this car for the first time , I was surprised . Although there will be no obvious feeling of pushing back 、 No stimulation , But it always feels light to drive , And the maximum torque does not need to wait for the speed to gradually stretch , You can give it in an instant , It is very suitable to deal with the road conditions in the urban area .ECVT The matching of the gearbox is also very good , When switching between motor and engine , There will be no obvious movement .

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