Business opportunities arising from the epidemic: Renault tafico Campervan released

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business opportunities arising epidemic renault

Global test drive report , We only produce dry goods .2020 The outbreak in , Make travel a lot more limited , And that limit , It also makes the market of RV and Campervan hot . Each subdivided product began to appear one after another , It covers all segments from light camping to heavy RV .

recently , Renault has officially released a Campervan based on tafico , Van based platform , Build a successful balanced life 、 Products for work and camping . Renault named the new car SpaceNomad, Based on tafick , Add lifting roof , And readjust the space layout in the car , So that it can meet the outdoor camping needs of the family .

In terms of internal layout ,SpaceNomad The classic Campervan layout is adopted , Use the space on one side for the kitchen and multi-functional cabinets , At the same time, the multifunctional improvement of the seats in the car , So that it can easily evolve into a comfortable big bed . Based on Renault tafico's body SpaceNomad, The same setting as tafick is also retained in the overall dimension , Thus, the adaptability of the vehicle to urban working conditions is better .

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