Based on levorg Subaru WRX station wagon or will return

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based levorg subaru wrx station

According to Australia CarExpert Rumors , Subaru will bring the next generation Levorg Transformed into essentially WRX The station wagon version . Now the bad news is : at present , This car may only be launched in Australia , This means that people elsewhere won't get this fast 、 All wheel drive station wagon .

A spokesman for Subaru Australia told CarExpert:“Levorg Has proven itself to be a niche performance station wagon , And will evolve into something slightly different in the next generation .”

In order to restart WRX The possibility of a station wagon is even more attractive , This performance focused next generation Levorg It is reported that it will be on 2021 It made its debut in Australia in the fourth quarter of 2004 . It is said to use the same as the new WRX same 2.4 L turbocharged four cylinder engine . According to automotive experts, the power is about 286 horsepower .

New style Levorg It has made its debut in Japan . This station wagon is the second generation , Its appearance reminds us of our new WRX The expectations of the , It just has an extended roof and hatchback . There? , The power comes from 1.8 L turbocharged four cylinder horizontal opposed engine , Can produce 174 Horsepower and 300 Newton torque . CVT Is the only transmission option .

new Levorg There is one STI Sport edition , It uses adaptive dampers purchased by ZF and a variety of driving modes . There is also a slightly different grille 、 Lower trim panel 、 One STI Brand vents and 18 Inch wheels .

Subaru last worked for... In the United States 2007 The model year offers WRX Station wagon . also 2005 Years and 2006 Saab launched in 9-2X, It is essentially a winged leopard with an adjusted style . Top matched Aero Version and WRX Share one engine .

The latest generation of WRX Will be in 9 month 10 Made its debut on , Subaru has carried out publicity activities for it . The car manufacturer confirmed that a six speed manual transmission can be used . Although it has not been officially released , But all indications are that the model uses 2.4 L turbocharged four cylinder engine . It is estimated that , The power is about 300 horsepower .

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