2022 FAW Volkswagen Audi q2l new era sunshine fashion boy

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faw volkswagen audi q2l new

2022 FAW audi Q2L The model will be officially launched at the recently opened Chengdu International Auto Show , The official price of the new car has not been released yet , The overall changes in the appearance design of the new car are not big , It still generally continues the young and fashionable modeling design style of cash models , The new car has only made changes and optimizations in some details of the appearance , For example, the interior structure of the new car's headlights is very different from before , Compared with the current model, its internal structure becomes more three-dimensional , At the same time, it can bring people a strong visual freshness , in addition , Thanks to the new car LED Headlamp lighting technology , Thus, the functional performance of the new headlamp unit can be more satisfactory . Another change in the appearance of the new car is the redesigned new style adopted by the new car , The visual effect looks beautiful .

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