The MPV with a strong sense of motion of the new Toyota Senna real car is equipped with a hybrid system

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mpv strong sense motion new

new Toyota Senna real car , The real car adopts a very sporty all black style , Powered by 2.5L Hybrid system matching E-CVT transmission , The all black design is also handsome and sporty , The front face adopts a fully blackened sheet medium mesh grille design , Below is a huge trapezoidal grid texture , The interior is shaped with a black mesh grille , Bring a good sense of domineering movement . The side stretch looks very powerful , The blackened wheel hub and black body design also have a strong sense of movement . The design of the tail is slightly three-dimensional , Sharp body lines are adopted , The tail lamp has the shape of tusks , It looks sharp , The back surround uses a mesh texture design to enhance the range of motion .

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