Car friends broke the news that Honda CBR 400R began to accept reservations. Will domestic sports cars be harvested again?

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Car friends broke the news about Honda CBR400R Start accepting reservations , Will domestic sports cars be harvested again ?

8 month 19 We're still talking about Honda's CBR250RR and CBR400R Who do you expect more ? No, it hasn't been a few days , Some riders broke the news , There are already dealers of Honda in the new continent , Sent an acceptance CBR400R Scheduled news .

Whether the news is true or false , but CBR400R The news that it will be listed in China in the second half of this year is basically a certainty , Because Honda has medium displacement, it is impossible to reap the market with the layout of existing models , In this case , The growth speed of leeks can't keep up with the speed of sharpening their knives , So we must expand the vegetable garden , Take other people's leeks and take them as your own .

So don't say that Honda dealers in new continent say “ Start accepting reservations ” Even if the sample car appears in the manufacturer's warehouse , I'm not surprised , After all, it's only a matter of time , And the emergence of these rumors is nothing more than to release a message , This car is getting closer and closer to its launch , So my favorite little partner , Please cover your money bag , Wait for it to come !

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