"Big Chery" has poor sales. Why can't Infiniti, a luxury brand in North America, sell?

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big chery poor sales. sales

At the upcoming Chengdu auto show , Japanese luxury brand Infiniti may have a new car . This is the declaration chart published before QX60 Domestic version . This is a new model that is neither new nor new , It's Infiniti 2014 Since then , The third model produced in China . If you see a new car that looks like a new car but doesn't feel like a new car at the Chengdu auto show that looks delayed but doesn't feel delayed , It's really silky like chocolate on a rainy day .

Mention Infiniti , You must be familiar with . This is a result of “ Nissan ” Japanese luxury car brand founded in North America , from 1989 year , The first model was launched in North America , Infiniti cars rely on excellent workmanship and good sports performance , Won the favor of local consumers .

stay 2007 year , Infiniti has also officially entered the Chinese market , All its models have been introduced into China . Relying on reliable quality 、 Excellent sports performance and considerate after-sales service , Infiniti quickly won the love of Chinese young people , Then it ushered in rapid development in the Chinese market . And in 2010 year 7 month , Infiniti China business headquarters has been established in China , It can be said that the prospect is bright .

But in the twinkling of an eye , Ten years have passed , Infiniti is not as expected , Be able to compete with ABB Competing luxury car brands , On the contrary, it is also reduced to the penultimate position in the second-line luxury brands , Completely unable to compete with Lexus 、 Lincoln 、 Cadillac and other competitors of the same grade compete , There is even a trend of disappearing in the Chinese market . And it recently returned to public view , Or in a less respectable way .

Worrying quality and poor sales

Logically speaking , Luxury brands shouldn't have big problems , But Infiniti is different , This enterprise is 3 month 15 It was exposed that some vehicles had abnormal gearbox noise 、 Suddenly broke down 、 High speed loss of power and other faults , Many vehicles that have passed the warranty period are forced to repair , It requires the owner to bear the high maintenance cost , and 4S In order to avoid responsibility , Signature required “ Confidentiality agreement ”. The exposure of this scandal , For a time, let netizens denounce it .

Although Infiniti officials responded positively afterwards , Express willingness to improve product quality , Improve service details , And set up exclusive customer service for Chinese customers , Provide one-to-one service , But it's a little too late . Coupled with the influence of objective factors , Infiniti sold only... In the first seven months of this year 3248 car . Such low sales , No wonder some people think that the brand may stop production in years . But the same luxury brands from the United States , Lincoln after a downturn , In the first half of this year 4.2 A good result of 10000 vehicles .

While people are worried about Infiniti's future in the Chinese market , On the Internet came the classic models of Infiniti Q60, News that it may stop production this month , For a time, it makes people feel sad .

“ Quality control is worrying 、 Old design ”, For this brand that was once highly expected by everyone , Such a comment is regrettable .

“ Large Chery ” Is the product quality really unbearable ?

See here ,MYAUTO Can't help but ask , Why did Infiniti fall so low ? Is it really because of quality defects and quality control problems that consumers lose confidence in it ? Or the old design , Lack of new ideas ?

If you look at the product itself , Infiniti's works are still very competitive in terms of mechanical quality . Like the new Infiniti QX50( Parameter picture ) On board VC-Turbo Variable compression ratio turbocharged engine , Has won 2019 The title of ward's top ten engines of the year . It uses the groundbreaking variable compression ratio technology , And realized the first global mass production , You can see that , Infiniti in technology research and development , It is not in a backward position as Internet transmission , contrary , It has been actively developing new technologies .

unfortunately , Rich people's preference for luxury brands has never been Technology , But identity and quality . Come back , Infiniti's criticized quality problem , It is not a common phenomenon , Even Infiniti can't rank on the special complaint platform , but “ Large Chery ” Your sales are so bad , The reason also lies in themselves . Their push for innovation is really bad , Even if you don't count that as a new car at this Chengdu auto show QX60 Pull the domestic version , It can't be a climate . Too thin product wings and surprisingly low sales , Infiniti is so lost in blindness , Not yet awake !

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