Volkswagen CC now offers a maximum discount of 38000 yuan and 211900 yuan. Do you consider starting?

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volkswagen cc offers maximum discount

A car dealer in Hangzhou recently announced The public CC Preferential prices in the region : At present, the public CC The highest discount for car purchase 3.8 Ten thousand yuan ,21.19 From ten thousand yuan , The specific selling price information is shown in the figure below :

Look back at the public CC Basic information of . appearance ,CC The model has always continued the elegant design style , It forms an obvious contrast with other models , It is said that the public often use Dolls , But it didn't show up in this car , The design of the front face is very beautiful , The headlights on both sides are perfectly integrated with the front air grille , It seems to complement each other, very harmonious , Multi banner chrome trim strip , Add a touch of luxury to the front face . Standard configuration on configuration LED High and low beam source ,LED Daytime running light 、 Automatic headlights 、 Headlamp delay off . The side part , The side adopts the shape design of sliding back , Coupled with the large size of multiple wheel hubs , The side looks very dynamic . At the same time, this car also adopts hatchback design , The whole is also more personalized 、 The dynamic . The rear of the car has also been adjusted accordingly , The naturally extending duckling tail also has a carbon fiber tail , The black bottom diffuser is matched with a chrome plated exhaust decorative frame on both sides .VW ... is added under the logo “CC” Letter , It's not easy to get into the car , It is still our familiar interior layout , But the public CC Rice white is used / Black two color interior , Compared with the traditional Volkswagen family interior , The public CC The interior of the car is obviously more advanced . Besides , The public CC The workmanship and materials in the car are quite exquisite , Soft materials are used where you can see and touch , It's not what we remember “ Hard plastic King ”. motivation , New public CC Will continue to pick up 2.0T The engine , The maximum power is respectively 186 Horsepower and 220 horsepower , The peak torque is respectively 320 cattle · Rice and 350 cattle · rice , And all comply with the national six emission standards . And the transmission still matches 7 Fast double clutch gearbox . The suspension adopts McPherson type 、 Combination of multi link independent suspension . configuration , Equipped with one touch start 、 The electronic hand brake 、 Full LCD instrument panel 、 Automatic headlights 、 Automatic parking 、 Steering wheel heating 、 Electric skylight and other practical configurations , Besides 、 Dana audio adds a sense of luxury .

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