It's been powdered by the public circle again! The overseas version of "new Jetta" appears, and the interior is more pleasant than Passat

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powdered public circle overseas version

The latest generation of “ jetta ” Officially appeared in the North American market , We know the North American version “ jetta ” It's our domestic “ Soar team ”, Basically, the two can be equated . We see that this car has a new design concept in the North American market , Than cash cars , The shape should be more dynamic . For example, the middle net of the new car has become a hexagonal grille design composed of triangular silver decorative strips , The traditional hollowed out logo has been replaced by the current flat shape . And all the headlights have been replaced with double LED My headlight set , And an inverted light source is also used around the main light source U Zigzag headlights .

Besides , The front surround of the new car has also been adjusted . It adopts a closed shape on both sides , And the middle is replaced with a traditional horizontal bar grid , such , It also gives its front a double-layer shape . It brings a stronger sense of ladder . From the side , The biggest change is the change of its waistline , For example C On the column, we can clearly see that the waist line shows an upward trend , And there will be a simple change in style . The powerful wheel hub is the highlight of this car .

On the tail , We saw the design extending from the side , All the tail lights have also been replaced LED Light source for , And the tail lamp also adopts different shape design , So the effect after lighting is still very attractive ! The rear enclosure also shows a sense of hierarchy , But different from the front , The whole back surround is slightly embedded , And from the original blade shape to the current cylindrical design , It can also be regarded as adding some multi-element effects to this car .

If the appearance doesn't make you happy , Then when it comes to the interior, you will know why Volkswagen has begun to circle powder again ! And even compared with Passat who pays more attention to the Chinese market , This car also has natural advantages ! We noticed that the entire center console showed a certain arc from its main driving position to the right . The LCD dashboard is completely consistent with the cash Volkswagen . The fully embedded central control screen also tilts slightly to one side , It is also convenient for the driver to control the central control screen ! Other designs are basically consistent with domestic Passat , So Xiaobian won't introduce more . But in terms of configuration , For example, front collision warning 、 Active braking 、 Blind spot warning 、 Lane departure 、 A series of active safety configurations such as adaptive cruise have become the standard configuration of this car , From this point of view, I still have a very good conscience .

Finally, the power , This car still comes from MQB platform , So it will continue to carry 1.4T Turbocharged engine , Its maximum horsepower is 148 horse 、 Peak torque is here 249 Cattle meters , And what matches that is 8AT transmission , Therefore, the power system is much more conscientious than that in China ! I don't know what you think of this American model !

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