Then go to the European market and the first batch of Xiaopeng cars P7 are exported to Norway

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[ Car home   information ]  In recent days, , The first batch of export Xiao peng car P7( Parameters | inquiry ) Set sail at Xinsha port, Guangzhou ,. This is jixiaopeng car G3 After nearly a year of sales in the Norwegian market , Norwegian consumers have more choices .

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Thanks to the sales network established by Xiaopeng automobile in cooperation with the local dealer group in Norway , Xiaopeng automobile exported this time P7 As soon as possible 10 Delivered to Norwegian consumers in January . Before that , Xiao peng car P7 It has obtained EU vehicle type approval (WVTA), It marks Xiaopeng car P7 It has been recognized by the EU , It can be licensed for sale in various countries within the EU . According to the international new energy vehicle registration data , Xiao peng car G3 Registered for sale in Norway 351 car .

 Xiao peng car Xiao peng car P7 2021 paragraph Rear drive standard endurance Zhizun version

This year, 7 month 26 Japan , Xiao peng car P7 To obtain the C-NCAP Five star evaluation of . In terms of intelligence , Xiao peng car P7 yes i-VISTA China's smart car industry index (2020 New regulations ) The first five-star model . end 2021 year 7 End of month , Xiao peng car P7 The cumulative delivery in China has exceeded 4 Thousands of cars , Drive Xiaopeng's car continuously 13 The delivery growth rate remained more than twice that of the same period last month .8 month 23 Japan , The first 50000 Xiaopeng car P7 It has been offline in Zhaoqing factory of Xiaopeng automobile .

Norway is currently one of the countries with the highest share of the global electric vehicle market . future , Xiaopeng automobile will gradually build and sell in Norway 、 deliver 、 after-sales 、 Charge 、 Complete operation system including service and lifestyle , Provide European consumers with a more comprehensive smart car travel and life experience .( writing / Car home Wang Jingbo )

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