New trend of legal system: release of 22 Peugeot 508l official plans

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new trend legal release peugeot

Peugeot originated in romantic France , We can also feel the strong French style elements from some beautiful designs . Although Peugeot entered China late , But this does not affect Peugeot's series of models, which are widely praised . In recent days, , We obtained a set of from relevant channels 2022 Style Peugeot 508L Of the new car .

The appearance of the new car generally inherits the design of the current model , But for the dot matrix grille and fangs LED The lamp group has been re outlined , Make the new car more combat and aggressive .

The tail of the new car adopts the popular cutting surface design , Match the personalized rear tail lights and the through bright black transparent trim panel connecting the two tail lights , Make the design and fashion sense of the car more sufficient .

interiors , The new car is equipped with Peugeot's third generation full sensory cabin , It adopts a long LCD instrument panel , Dabei 10 Inch center control screen , Make the driving information and entertainment information of the car at a glance , It is also helpful for driving safety .

The design of the whole central control is very user-friendly , All the screens face the driver at a certain angle , Mechanical keys with quantity and things , Whether it's daily driving or high-speed travel , It is very convenient in operation .

motivation , The new car will continue to use the 1.6 L turbocharged engine and 1.8 L turbocharged engine in two versions , Each match 6 Speed automatic transmission and 8 Speed automatic transmission , In terms of cash models , Although this power combination is not strong , But while maintaining high fuel economy , It can also provide enough power .

New car will be on the 8 month 27 Day to market , Compared with the previous explosion 9 It's ahead of the month for listing and sales , According to the pictures so far ,2022 Style Peugeot 508L No new Logo, But I don't know if there will be a change in the future , All this will be revealed tomorrow .

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