Why do rear end collisions occur frequently in rainy days? You don't know these four driving skills! Very practical

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rear end collisions occur frequently

For car owners , Rainy days are the weather conditions that car owners are reluctant to travel . Because in rainy days, not only the driver's line of sight will be blocked , And because the road is slippery , The braking distance of the vehicle will also be greatly increased , This will have a great impact on driving safety . So on rainy days , There will be more rear end accidents on the road , If the owner can master some driving skills in rainy days , To a certain extent, it can reduce the incidence of accidents . Why do rear end collisions occur frequently in rainy days ? That's because you don't know these four driving skills ! Very practical .

1、 Don't change lanes and accelerate to overtake at will

In rainy weather , Due to the blocking of rain , The owner's vision will become blurred , There will be some errors in mastering the road conditions . Therefore, it's better not to change lanes to overtake at this time , After all, the sight of other car owners is the same, which will be blurred , If the vehicle behind doesn't notice , It is more prone to traffic accidents .

And on rainy days, because the road is slippery , The friction between the tire and the ground will also be greatly reduced , Therefore, the car owner's speed should not be too fast at this time . If the owner has an emergency , The car's braking distance will be longer than on ordinary roads , The probability of traffic accidents will also be greater . So car owners had better slow down when driving in rainy days , This is a responsible act for the safety of yourself and others .

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