Great wall tank's latest SUV tank 500 is specially benchmarked with Prado, which is expected to start 300000 times

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great wall tank latest suv

tanks , Hardline SUVs , Named after a number , Direct benchmarking of major high-end products , It's all the labels of the tank brand , Not all labels . because ,TA And give you a cheap price , You don't feel excited ?

Just say Toyota Prado , It's basically an ordinary off-road vehicle in Japan , And because of the land problem in Japan , This kind of cart obviously doesn't have K-Car Your market is good . So, well , In China , It's a chance to fight , In Japan, 25 There are many TA, Straight to 50 ten thousand , also , It's hard to get a car without saying , It's still completely settled in China “ God car ” Two words .

Have to say ,Ta It is indeed durable and inherits Toyota's good economy , But how , Can't China make such a car ? Obviously, the tank is not convinced , Not to mention Ta My tank 300 How popular it is , That's it “ new ” Of SUV—— A tank with a changed name 500, That's enough for you to drink a pot of Prado .

As a new medium and large-scale hardline off-road vehicle , tanks 500 Compared to tanks 300 With higher positioning and stronger performance , And before the little friends tangled 2.0T It's not enough , There's a good chance you don't have to worry anymore . According to the positioning of great wall for high-end products , It is bound to carry the brand-new of the Great Wall 3.0T dynamic system .

ok , Someone came out and said , Who can defeat the Great Wall , It's another great wall . The harvard H9 It is also a well-known hardline off-road vehicle of the Great Wall , The luxury of the interior and intelligent technology are both good , It also has the stability of off-road . tanks 500 Also with Harvard H9 Same positioning , Of course ,TA The appearance is more hardline , Once joined 3.0T The engine of , Then the price must be 30 All around . Lateral analysis of this car , Better power performance 、 Better sense of technology and better interior luxury expression ,30 Wan doesn't look so expensive .

Ghost car view : tanks 600 Why change the name to tank 500 I don't know , All I know is if he's carrying 3.0T The engine , That must be the divine assist in this level . I'm willing to wait , I'm going to buy one , And you? ?

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