Seven seat large space, guovi 2.0T engine + constant speed cruise

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seat large space guovi 2.0t

BYD Tang has a strong sense of design , You can feel the vitality from the body , The white body is very atmospheric . The interior is simple , I personally like simple , Self contained tachograph , It saves me the trouble of installing it myself ,12.8 I like the central control screen very much , You can watch a video or something in the car , What other roadside rescue functions , I haven't even used it .

In space , Space is very important to me , The size of the space also determines the luxury of the car , I tried to cross my legs in the back when I bought the car. It's more than enough , No matter how you sit, you won't feel cramped , The front row space is also very spacious , Very comfortable to drive . The trunk can also be powered , Induction on , This is really practical for me .

motivation , In fact, I don't have much demand for power ,“ Security , steady ” That's what matters , After all, such a big car , That's the power . This car also gives me a sense of security , It drives very smoothly , Although it's medium SUV But there's nothing wrong with , The steering wheel is just the right size and leather , Steering is flexible . Don't lean too much when turning , Very stable . I also considered before buying a car , The fuel consumption of such a big car can't be reduced , But it is highly practical , The average number of cars in this period of time is not much 9.8 about , not so bad , I can afford , I'd better look forward to a little lower .

Comfort aspect , It's very relaxing because of the large space , Although the seats are not suitable for leather, they are also very good , And it has ventilation function , I don't feel hot after sitting for a long time , There is also an independent air conditioning outlet in the rear row , Now even if you go out in winter, you don't have to worry about the baby getting cold .

Cost performance , I don't know why , Anyway, I like it very much SUV This kind of car , The space is large , At first glance , After understanding, I think there are many functions , The same money must buy a practical model . I chose this car , It's easy to say by yourself , Think about it when you have a baby , Buying a car is also to have a comfortable environment, but to be honest , It's necessary to have a lot of space to buy a car , And this period of running in also brought me a lot of surprises , So this car can let me drive with a face , It also facilitates our life , Got a seat .

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