115900 sales / details for upgrading, and the new Chang'an uni-t is on the market

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sales details upgrading new chang

At present, the consumer market is becoming younger , It has also made various auto enterprises pay a lot of attention to the sense of product science and technology and sports , changan UNI-T It is such a product that integrates a sense of the future .8 month 25 Japan , New Changan UNI-T Officially listed , New car launches 5 models , Price range: 11.59-13.89 ten thousand . As a small modified product , The car is in the design details 、 The configuration has been adjusted , Also changing is the power part .

New Changan UNI-T The appearance has not changed much compared with the old model , The front face adopts borderless medium network, which has high recognition , Fit the on both sides of the grille “ A clover ” Hidden lamp group , Very avant-garde . In particular, the front face is equipped with super sensitive and refined sports surround , Chrome plated trim around as a delicate ornament , To add visual fashion and cool flavor .

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