I was going to bring down hannanda! Pure imported with V6, standard 7 seats!

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going bring hannanda pure imported

Speaking of Toyota Highlander , It works as a medium-sized SUV The benchmark in the market , In the early years, it was popular all over the north and south of the Yangtze River , It has attracted many domestic consumers , There has even been a phenomenon of raising the price of the car . Now, with the deepening of the market , Hanlanda's sales in this field are obviously not as good as before , Today's medium-sized SUV, To bring down hannanda , But the reality is very cruel , It is modern Geyue ( import ).

The sooner we get there 2013 It entered the domestic market in , Although a step later than hannanda , But with the blessing of pure import status , He aimed his competitors directly at hannanda . But 17 This model has been discontinued , The guide price is 25.60-38.78 Ten thousand yuan , The price is a little higher than hanlanda . I thought I would rely on my own performance , Can have a relatively excellent performance in the domestic market , But I didn't expect to end up like this .

The body dimensions of the car are 4915*1885*1695mm, Wheelbase reached 2800mm, It meets the requirements of medium SUV Standards for . The body length and wheelbase are better than hanlanda , And it's all standard 7 seat , The seat layout is 2+3+2 The design of the , The second row of seats can be adjusted fore-and-aft and angle . But the third row's seating space is average , It's OK to deal with short distance .

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