Better quality choice test drive Jixing 2

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better quality choice test drive

writing / Photography David Horizon For Jixing brand , Launch polar star 2 One of the main purposes of is to communicate with Tesla Model 3 Fight for supremacy , It is not difficult to see from the price range ,Model 3 Our price range is 25.174 000 yuan to 33.99 Ten thousand yuan , Polar star 2 Our price range is 25.28 000 yuan to 33.80 Ten thousand yuan , Basically coincident intervals make those who want to buy Model 3 Consumers have to look at it more . Of course , Want to shake the Chinese market Model 3 The status of is almost impossible , But provide consumers with another more quality choice , It is also the original intention of Jixing brand to launch this model in the Chinese market .

Nordic design is extremely cold in the eyes of the whole of Europe , Jixing brand from Sweden also takes simplicity as the main tone of the brand . Simple as it is , But that doesn't mean European consumers can accept things like Tesla Model 3 In this way, the sense of design is almost zero , This also makes the polar star 2 More popular with consumers in Europe , And last year, it won, including “ Norwegian car of the year ”、“ Swiss car of the year ” And so on . Need to know , As the country with the highest share in the global electric vehicle market ( expect 2021 year , The sales of electric vehicles in Norway will reach... Of the total sales of new vehicles 65%), It's not easy to get the recognition of Norwegian consumers .

polestar 2 The design height of Volvo is restored Concept 40.2 Design language of , The overall shape retains the simple but not simple style of Nordic design , The shape is full of power, but also reduces the wind drag coefficient to 0.27Cd.“ quake ” Headlights come from Volvo family design , As a Volvo electrification high terminal brand , polestar 2 It has inherited this iconic design as it should be . The grid in front of the matrix has a faint feeling , Most of the time, this grille gives people the visual feeling of fully closed front face , The millimeter wave radar of the auxiliary driving system is hidden in the grid , Above the radar is a panoramic camera , The monocular camera for the auxiliary driving system is located on the rear side of the front windshield .

The waistline extends from the front to the rear , The low front and high back design not only adds a sense of movement, but also makes people feel its distinctive high-rise rear and sliding back shape , The cross-border design style is displayed to the utmost . The special geographical environment makes Nordic consumers prefer this style , Not a traditional car .

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