Nissan's seventh generation z-series is back, and the battlefield is full of smoke!

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nissan seventh generation z-series series

[ Baby walking team Front line reports ] Everybody knows , Nissan with a long history Z The sports car finally ushered in a new seventh generation model , Previously sold in Japan Z Will be crowned with 「Fairlady」( lady ) The name of , The new car directly simplifies its name to 「Z」, The situation is just like R35 GT-R Get rid of 「Skyline」 be similar ; But this time it's more simplified ,「Z」 There are no numbers in front of it .

This publication 2023 nissan Z The sports car is of North American specification , The new car adopts a greatly improved FM platform ; Body size 4,379×1,844×1,316 mm, Wheelbase length 2,550 mm; Provide Sport 、Performance 、Proto Spec Three versions , The same yellow paint and interior decoration as the prototype car are adopted 、 Yellow brake calipers and 19 Inch bronze forged alloy rim Proto Spec Only limited sales 240 platform .

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