Because of environmental protection! The owner chooses this car decisively. Cost performance and brand are one of its selling points

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environmental protection owner chooses car

Whether it's for higher performance , Or for green protection , It is also a trend for the state to promote the electrification of cars , At first, the brand of this car made me very excited , Later, I like its price , The early purchase price is at the same price , And fuel prices are not much different , But just because of it, the motor battery in the car is relatively light , It's also quite fast , And sitting in the car is also very quiet , There's no annoying noise , Road rage won't happen , Of course, because it's charged , As long as there is a place to charge, you can charge at any time , It costs less than gasoline

buick VELITE 6 My car is quite small , Very easy to handle , Because it's so easy , I think it feels too light , I think if there is SUV The feel of the car , It drives better , After all, the more the car goes , It was so light at first , I'm not sure what force to use

buick VELITE 6 The trunk is quite big , It's hot recently. I usually put water in the trunk for a long time , I think we can put a bigger suitcase in the remaining space , There is still some spare time . If not enough , You can also put down the back seat , Add capacity , Anyway, I usually go out with my girlfriend , The front row is very spacious , There's no one in the back

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