Budget 150000, choose what SUV modern ix35, and the maximum discount is 14800 yuan

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budget choose suv modern ix35

8 month 26 Japan , Badu car life learned from Anhui automobile trade Weihe Beijing modern office , modern ix35 There are greater preferential efforts , The maximum discount for some models can reach 14800 element , This makes 2021 paragraph 2.0L Automatically Two flooding Comfortable edition GL The selling price can be as low as 11.50 Ten thousand yuan . The specific model discounts are shown in the figure below .

Beijing hyundai ix35 The design of the front face is very pleasing , This is also one of the main competitiveness of its products , The new look shows a strong style to “Sensuous Sportiness( Sensual movement )” Based on the design concept , Using a modern family image LED The front headlights are matched with the parameterized front grille of dot matrix structure, and the through combination tail lights with Chinese elements , The new look is futuristic and sporty .

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