The maximum discount is RMB 2000, starting from RMB 111800. Lingke 03 has strong hard core performance?

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maximum discount rmb starting rmb

A car dealer in Guangzhou recently announced Led the g 03 Preferential prices in the region : At present, Lingke 03 The highest discount for car purchase 0.2 Ten thousand yuan ,11.18 From ten thousand yuan , The specific selling price information is shown in the figure below :

Review link 03 Basic information of . From the front , The pair of split headlights on the front of the car is already the iconic shape of Lingke , The degree of recognition is quite high . Internal two LED The design of daily light bar is Xiaobian's favorite part , The visual effect after lighting is quite powerful . The lower half of the lamp group has a similar matrix design, which is very oppressive . Led the g 03 There is not much fluctuation on the side of , Designers may want to have a straight line and a short tail , To create a short and compact body visual effect , The lower body posture can make the car appear lower , There is a sense of looking forward . Of course, the negative impact of the lower body is that the car is a little stretched for the ability to cope with non paved roads , So the people who buy this car still drive it honestly on the city roads . The rear of the car is decorated with carbon fiber panels , It can greatly improve the stability of high-speed driving . In the future, the tail design style is simple , Led the g 03 The rear of the car adopts a very compact design style , The tail lights on both sides are very fashionable , The visual feeling is good , The diffuser around the bottom of the rear gives a strong sense of movement . Led the g 03 The cockpit design biased towards the pilot is adopted , More convenient for driving control .10.25 Inch full LCD dashboard 、10.2 The inch central control screen brings a good sense of Technology . motivation , Led the g 03 Pick up the 1.5T Three cylinder turbocharged engine and 2.0T There are two versions of four cylinder turbocharged engine .Lite Maximum power of the model version 115kW, Maximum torque 245N·m, matching 6 Speed manual transmission ;1.5T Maximum power of other models 132kW, Maximum torque 265N·m, matching 7 Fast double clutch gearbox ;2.0T Maximum power of Vehicle version 140kW, Maximum torque 300N·m, matching 6 Speed manual self - contained gearbox . configuration , Such as ACCQA Adaptive cruise control with automatic queuing function 、FCW Collision warning ahead 、LDW Lane departure warning 、AEB Active emergency braking with pedestrian recognition function, etc 17 None of the intelligent assistance systems are absent .

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