Real Porsche taycan cross Turismo in Black Knight design style

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real porsche taycan cross turismo

In the current auto market , Consumers' demand for personalized cars is increasing , therefore , The attention of many once relatively small market segments has increased significantly , among , The hunting model has received this wave of dividends , More and more manufacturers begin to deploy in this subdivided field . recently , We got a set of porsche Taycan Cross Turismo Actual vehicle drawing of vehicle type , We can see from the picture , The new car is built in a rather radical design language , Front part , The new car is equipped with a highly recognizable headlamp set , And... Are used internally Taycan Very similar lighting layout . Besides , The new car will have a very radical design at the front surround , It can further improve the motion properties of the vehicle . In addition, we can see , The new car will be equipped with multiple raised ribs on the front engine compartment cover , Can make us feel a stronger sense of power . The rear part , The new car is equipped with a through tail lamp set , meanwhile , The rear enclosure will be equipped with a wide black guard , Can further highlight the fighting style of the vehicle . interiors , The new car will be used as a whole Taycan Model design , Have a strong sense of science and Technology . motivation , all Taycan Cross Turismo Both models use the front and rear dual motor layout , From the beginning Taycan 4 Cross Turismo To the highest performance Turbo S, The maximum power is respectively 280kW(380 horsepower )、360kW(490 horsepower )、460kW(625 horsepower ).

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