New technologies and strategic models were unveiled, and Chang'an new energy layout entered the "fast track"

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new technologies strategic models unveiled

In this year 6 Of the month 2021 Chongqing auto show , Changan Automobile officially released the blue whale iDD Hybrid system , In cash “ Shangri la plan ” At the same time , It has also started the process of blue whale power embracing electrification in an all-round way . And in the 8 month 24 Day at the “2021 Chang'an Automobile Science and technology ecological Conference ” period , In addition to releasing the latest “ New car New ecology ” Outside strategy , In terms of new energy layout, a number of heavyweights have also been announced “ Black science and technology ” results .

Chang'an Automobile thinks , future “ Black science and technology ” Driving new cars and new products is the key . Wang Jun, President of Chang'an Automobile, said at the event , In the future, Chang'an Automobile will build an evolvable 、 Can the iteration , To meet the needs of users in the whole scene “123” Business model 、 Architecture and platform , And own a total of 193 Of key core technologies “6337” New technology capability , Meet the needs of users in an all-round way with CO creation partners .

The digital twin platform opens up the whole scene

In the view of Chang'an Automobile , With the consumption upgrading of users and the development of technology , The cockpit is not just an interactive space for driving , More extended into a wise 、 Emotional digital mobile space . The future smart cockpit is more like an intelligent life . To successfully create intelligent life , Only focus on consumers all the time , It takes everyone's strength to complete .

Based on this understanding , Changan Auto Industry launch “ user - Car companies - developer ” Open platform for full scene digital twin development through full link . According to Li Wei, vice president of Chang'an Automobile , This platform has achieved breakthroughs in four aspects . The first is atomized Services . Changan Automobile applied atomized service to digital cockpit platform for the first time , Achieve an unlimited combination of functions . Already realized 600 Added atomization service , Provide 1 ten thousand + The combination of functions may .

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