The new Toyota Corolla hatchback overseas real car has more fighting style

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new toyota corolla hatchback overseas

Maybe a lot of “ Steel cannon ” Impact of vehicle type , When we mention hatchback models , They tend to be thought to have a more athletic style . Judging from the current situation of the automobile market , This subconscious cognition seems to have some basis , With a smaller figure , therefore , When compared with the hatchback model , It has a natural advantage in the sense of movement . recently , We got a group of real car drawings of the new Toyota Corolla hatchback model , We can see from the picture , The new car will be built in the familiar design language , Front part , The new car will be equipped with a sharp headlamp set , meanwhile , The wide vent can further improve the overall air field of the vehicle . Come to the side of the car , The new car has a more compact overall visual experience , meanwhile , The spoiler wing above the rear is quite eye-catching , It can create a stronger sports style . Into the car , The new car will adopt a more conventional center console design , The suspended central control screen will appear on the new car , meanwhile , The interior of the car is more practical , The performance in the sense of science and technology is mediocre . motivation , The overseas version of the corolla hatchback model is equipped with a 2.0L Four cylinder naturally aspirated engine , Its maximum power reaches 168 horsepower , Peak torque 205 cattle · rice , Match the engine 6MT Transmission or CVT transmission .

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