How about the BMW x4m thunder model with 3.0tl6 twin turbocharging? How much is the landing price?

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bmw x4m thunder model 3.0tl6

In BMW 4S shop , We saw it X4M Thunder version , It claims to be the strongest in history X4 edition , Although with 6 Cylinder engine , But it's obviously better than X4 M40I Much better , After all, a twin turbine , A single turbine , And the price is a little higher , Benchmarking Mercedes Benz GLC63S AMG.

This set looks , It's obviously the end of the product , In the future or will continue M4 The big nostril grille on the body ,X4M The double photo grids are blackened , On both sides LED headlight , It looks very bright , Adopted on vehicle side 21 Inch large rim , The brand is Michelin , Built in high performance M Brake caliper , Toronto red car paint and rounded back tail shape , Very pretty. , The tail lamp is integrated by the rear and side of the vehicle , Right position , Engraved with M4 Thunder version of the English logo , The exhaust pipe with two sides and four outlets is adopted below , More athletic .

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