Why can't Land Rover, which once raised its price, sell the red flag now?

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land rover raised price sell

7 month , The sales ranking of the second tier luxury car camp has changed slightly , The red flag sells on a monthly basis 2.56 Ten thousand sets surpass Lexus and Cadillac , Become a new leader in second tier luxury , The red flag 1-7 The cumulative sales volume in January also exceeded 17 Ten thousand units , Year-on-year growth 95%. Need to know 2019 The annual sales volume of red flag is 10 Ten thousand units ,2020 Reached in 20 Ten thousand units , This year's goal is 40 Ten thousand units , Although it is still difficult to achieve this year's goal at present , But compared with Land Rover in the second tier luxury camp , The sales advantage is still great .

The same terminal price , The red flag SUV It's selling well

Statistics display , Land rover 7 Monthly sales less than 7 One thousand units , As a man who used to be better than BBA And be heroic 、 The brand that once needed to raise the price to collect the car , Land Rover has now fallen from the altar , Monthly sales are not even as good as Wei Lai 、 New forces such as ideals . Just in terms of sales figures , Land Rover has been opened a big gap by the latecomer red flag .

Some might say , Land Rover products are priced higher , And no cars , Naturally, you can't sell the red flag . Then we will only compare two brands at the same price SUV product —— Discovery of Land Rover ( Parameter picture ) Sports section / Range Rover aurora and red flag HS7. Discovery sport and Range Rover evoque, although the official guide prices are 35 More than ten thousand yuan , However, after the terminal discount, the actual naked car price can be discounted on the basis of the guide price 8-10 Ten thousand yuan , These two products this year 1-7 The monthly cumulative sales are respectively 6 Qiantaihe 7 About a thousand . And the red flag HS7 The guided 27.58 Ten thousand yuan , There are no terminal offers , front 7 The cumulative sales volume in the last month exceeded 8 One thousand units , Obviously, at the same actual price , Red flag SUV And sell better .

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