Or will give up the "throne" new Mercedes Benz S-class overseas real car

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throne new mercedes benz s-class

At Mercedes Benz S The market segment in which the class is located , It seems that no vehicle can threaten its position , When we mention the car that focuses on business attributes in our life , Mercedes S The figure of class a models often first appears in our minds , This is BMW 7 Department and Audi A8L Can't be compared , Because of the previous generation of Mercedes Benz S Excellent performance at level , It has brought higher expectations to consumers , So when they see a new generation of Mercedes Benz S Class time , There will inevitably be a feeling of disappointment . New Mercedes Benz acquired from S We can see in the diagram of class a real vehicle , The new car will be built in a new family design language , however , This design language seems to have stronger limitations than before , It seems to be more suitable for models that focus on the younger market , At Mercedes Benz S level , We can hardly feel the improvement of this design on the overall gas field of the vehicle , For Mercedes Benz S At the level of , Such a blow may be more serious , its “ throne ” Maybe it will be replaced by similar models in the future . About the new Mercedes Benz S We will continue to pay attention to the performance of level in the domestic market . Dynamic part , The actual model in this article is a new Mercedes Benz S400d, It carries a 2.9T Turbocharged diesel engine +48 V light mixing system , And equipped with 4matic Full-time four-wheel drive system , The maximum power is 335 horsepower , The maximum torque is 700 cattle · rice .

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